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Human Activity/Context Recognition Datasets

Human activity/context recognition from sensor data is gaining tremendous popularity in recent years. It is fundamental in wearable, mobile and ubiquitous computing scenarios.

The objective of this page is to have a central place to link/store publicly available human activity/context recognition datasets. This promotes the visibility of our research field and supports reproducible research.

What kind of datasets?

This repository is primarily for datasets from wearable, mobile and ambient sensors. This includes sensors such as motion sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, IMUs), proximity, contact switches, GPS, Wifi, or new sensor modalities that are being developed.

The datasets should be annotated and documented. They may be complemented by videos taken to annotate or document the experiment. However, this repository is not intended to be a computer vision repository.

To the datasets

Submitting a new dataset

In order to submit a new dataset please write an email do with information about your dataset. An account will then be created on the wiki with a page on which you can detail your dataset and either link to your repository or upload the data here.

Questions, suggestions, feedback

For any questions, suggestions or feedback please contact

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